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Fun With Kid Pix 

Kid Pix is a type of presentation software for all ages.  Tools for painting, drawing, sound, text, clipart and video are included.  The possibilities for curriculum integration are endless with this product.

Why Should I Use KidPix?

Learn all about KidPix on line, try this KidPix Tutorial.

How about quick lessons or  on how to use Kid Pix?

Sample Activities:

  •  Using Drawing Tools          

              The Big Green Monster (Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberly)
  Label Parts of Plant
              Honest Abe

  •  Using the Stamp Tools

              Beginning Sounds
              5 Senses
              Living/Non-living
              Roll the Die Game
              Story Maps

cornucopiaThanksgiving Kid Pix Activities

Links for Kid Pix Activities

$$  Inexpensive Sources for Kid Pix Software:


                                     Lazy Cat


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